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Legal Notices



TRASAS/3 meeting adopted conclusions including further action to foster PBN implementation, NextGen/SESAR harmonization and ATS Route Network enhancement.


Paris(France), 20 October 2010 – Member States and Organizations from the Trans-Regional Airspace and Supporting ATM Systems Steering Group (TRASAS) agreed today to take further action in many supra-regional issues including, for example, further implementation of Performance Based Naviation , NextGen/SESAR harmonization and the enhancement of ATS route structure between North America and Asia.

TRASAS is a high level steering group (with major stakeholders attending) whose official establishment dates back to 2006 when it was recognized that a coordinated effort from the international civil aviation community would be needed to implement future stakeholder requirements.

From left to right: Loretta Martin (TRASAS/3 Co-chairwoman and NAM/CAR Regional Director), Karsten Theil (TRASAS/3 Chairman and ICAO EUR/NAT Regional Director) and George Firican  (TRASAS/3 Secretary and ICAO EUR/NAT Deputy) 

(see full-size photo)

Such efforts involve presently some States and Organizations to which the Paris, Mexico City and Bangkok ICAO Regional Offices are accredited. The three Offices cover an area correponding to four ICAO Regions namely the Asia/Pacific (APAC), the European (EUR), the North American and Carribbean (NACC) and the North Atlantic (NAT) Regions.

With regard to a further fostering of PBN implementation, following the TRASAS/3 meeting, the relevant Planning and Implementation Regional Groups (PIRGs) will be invited to urge States to undertake necessary steps to grant approvals for the use of GNSS as a valid means of approach and landings; increase the number of operator’s RNP APCH and/or APV approvals as well as the number of qualified procedure designers to foster their implementation.

With the aim of further enhancing the ATS route network, TRASAS/3 decided it will propose to the Cross Polar Trans-East Air Traffic Management Provider’s Working Group (CPWG) to add both the addition of the application of reduced longitudinal separation to its work programme as well as the so called Pacific Project. Such a Project, originally proposed by IATA TRASAS and subsequently endorsed by the latter, aims at “ the creation of seamless and homogeneous airspace for the Traffic from North America to Asia, with the expansion of User Preferred Routes (UPR) and thus resulting in an improved operational/environmental efficiency.”


(see full-size photo)

As far as integration and harmonization of the air traffic control infrastructure modernization programmes presently being developed both in Europe (SESAR) and in the United States (NextGen), TRASAS/3 highlighted to the stakeholders involved, the need to present some results at the Global Air Navigation Conference in 2012 and address the avoidance of multiple equipage of aircraft.

In order to achieve the highest possible degree of trans-regional seamlesness for future ATM systems, TRASAS/3 also invited the Russian Federation to participate in the above-mentioned harmonization process and activities.

The third meeting of TRASAS, held at the Paris Office premises on 19-20 October2010, was chaired by Mr. Karsten Theil (ICAO EUR/NAT Regional Director), co-chaired by Loretta Martin (NAM/CAR Regional Director) . Mr. George Firican, EUR/NAT Deputy was the Secretary of the Steering group. TRASAS/3 was attended by high level delegates representing Canada, China, Denmark, Iceland, Russian Federation, United States, Eurocontrol , SESAR Joint Undertaking, IATA, IFALPA and several Officers from the three ICAO Regional Offices, Paris, Bangkok and Mexico City were alsoinvolved.