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The EURASIA Reduced Vertical Separation Minima (RVSM) Task Force holds its last meeting after the successful implementation of RVSM and ICAO-compliant cruising levels in the Eastern Part of the ICAO European Region.


Paris (France), 4-5 April 2012 – The EURASIA RVSM Task Force (TF) held its seventh and final meeting in the ICAO European/North Atlantic Office in Paris, France from 4 to 5 April 2012. As a result of the work of this TF, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, the Russian Federation and Uzbekistan implemented not only RVSM between FL290 and FL410, but also implemented the ICAO tables of cruising levels as outlined in ICAO Annex 2 (Flight Level Allocation Scheme) in their entire airspace on the 17 November 2011. Mongolia (using the Metric RVSM Flight Level Allocation Scheme) and Afghanistan (partially implementing the RVSM between FL320 and F410) which were also part of the EURASIA RVSM project, reported their successful RVSM implementation on this day too. In the framework of the EURASIA RVSM implementation, some States also used the opportunity to change from the metric to the feet measurement system and also started to use QNH approach procedures instead of QFE procedures. Additional airspace harmonisation can be expected in the near future from more States in the Eastern part of the ICAO EUR Region.

This post implementation meeting of the EURASIA RVSM TF discussed the various status reports (including post implementation problem aspects) from the EURASIA RVSM States, the report from the chairman of the Air Traffic Management (ATM) Group, the report from the chairman of the Monitoring (RMA) Group and concluded that the work structure of the EURASÌA RVSM TF must be seen as one of the key success factors in this project.

(see full size picture)

After 2 years of excellent cooperation between the participating and neighboring States, airspace users and aviation stakeholders, all TF members expressed their sincere appreciation for the work that lead to the successful implementation of the project.